Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Korean double sided eyelid tape tutorial

Hi all, I knew that I have abandon my blog for many months ago as I seriously busy on my study. So sorry to all my dearest reader. ^0^
First picture took at 1/1/2013

 Today I'm gonna introduce something interesting which is about the double eyelid tape. Well, you might think that this is nothing special but what do you think about if it is a DOUBLE SIDED eyelid tape. Girls..if you are looking for the cheap and good quality double sided eyelid tape, then this is the good choice for you. I admitted that I have a super single eyelid and I always need to use like glue or double eyelid tape to make my eye look better. Something that is hard for me is to found one with good quality + cheap + quantity eyelid tape. Outside selling is too expensive for good quality double eyelid tape.

So, good thing is always have to share. Teehee..

Tadaa..this is the one I'm using now

This is the BEST double sided eyelid tape I ever used which is from Korea. Super good quality which can long last for 24 hour and more. Besides, it is waterproofing where I even wear it during bath. It's great and look natural and invisible unlike the one sided double eyelid tape which give you a fake eyelid and visible when closing your eye.

Price is reasonable which is RM30 for 66 pair (can used up for 2 month). That's great!

Here are some tutorial on how to use this double sided eyelid tape 
The outcome is really amazing and I can have my double eyelid without any surgery. If you are interest on this Korean double sided eyelid tape where you can get from I-beauty

All my friends are using it now! 
So funny when I saw her eye become like this. Cool right!

This double sided eyelid tape are selling at two different size which is 
slim tape (for normal eyelid)

wide tape (for puffy eye)

 Package included:
slim pack (66 pair) - RM30
slim pack (22 pair) - RM12
wide pack (54 pair) - RM30
wide pack (18 pair) - RM12

If you are wondering which one more suitable for your eye
package you can choose is trial pack where included 11 pair of slim + 9 pair of wide cost only RM12

Hurry my dearest! Get from I-beauty now and ready for your CNY! 

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